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Our Coaching Philosophy

Sweet Babydreams is an infant and child sleepRachael Kullmann - Baby Sleep Coach coaching service based in Switzerland. We offer affordable in-home, & phone consultations, as well as group workshops. Our sleep coaching methods are science & practice based, focusing on the wellbeing of the whole family and strengthening your bond with your baby. We look holistically at your child’s sleep, taking all factors such as nutrition, day routine, sleep environment, sleep associations, and development into consideration, so that the sleep coaching progress can happen with as few tears as possible. 

Lack of sleep can very quickly push parents to their emotional, physical and psychological limits and thus put pressure on the entire family system, increasing anxiety levels and capacity to function and live well. It is in these stressful situations that we wish to partner with parents, offering them the support and skills they need to encourage good sleep habits in their babies and toddlers.

We create individual and age-appropriate plans for our clients that reflect their particular situation and family parenting style, while continuing to support them in the practical implementation of the sleep changes they wish to make. We are convinced that rested, thriving and peaceful families are a cornerstone to healthy societies, and wish to employ our services to empower families in a very tiring and potentially stressful phase of life. Whether you want to help your newborn settle, wean your 5-month-old off the dummy, encourage your 1-year-old sleep through the night or transition your 3-year-old into their own “big-kid” bed, Sweet Babydreams Sleep Coaching can help!

Book your free 15 minute sleep consultation today or take a look at the variety of sleep packages we offer. There’s something for everyone, and no sleep issue is too small. If you want to make a change, let us help you do that in the quickest and gentlest way possible.