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Hey, mama! I’m Rachael, the founder and chief baby whisperer behind Sweet Babydreams Sleep Coaching. As a mother of 3 lively kids, I have personally experienced the effects of sleepless nights and tiring days with no naps. Now, as a certified Infant & Child Sleep Coach, I help transform bad sleepers into bedtime-enthusiasts and nap-junkies, so that you and your little one can get the rest you need.

5 Things No One Tells You About Newborn Sleep

I always have to chuckle a little when I hear people say “I had a great sleep last night! I slept like a baby!” What does that even mean?! In my mind I remember how I slept when my kids were babies...and let’s be honest, it was far from restful. Before I had kids I [...]

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Safe Sleep Guidelines: The case of the Rock n’ Play Sleeper

You may have heard that the AAP urged the Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall the Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper due to 32 sleep-related infant deaths between 2011 and 2018 (see original article). These deaths were often as a result of asphyxiation, where the infant could not breathe due to his position, or [...]

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7 Newborn Sleep Facts Every New Moms Should Know

Do you remember when you were eagerly awaiting for your little bundle of joy to arrive? But now that she’s here, you find yourself longing for just one more night of peaceful sleep. While there are countless prenatal classes on how to prepare for labor and how to take care of your newborn, not much [...]

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6 Good Sleep Habits That Help Your Baby Sleep Better

Are babies born to be either good or bad sleepers? Is it just a matter of luck? Or are there any practical steps you can take as a parent to help your baby sleep better? Well, there’s a little bit of truth in each view. Some babies do naturally sleep better than others right from [...]

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Why won’t my baby sleep? 5 Reasons Babies Don’t Sleep Well

“Why won’t my baby sleep?” This is basically the gist of ALL my initial conversations with families looking for some support around sleep. Most often baby hasn’t been sleeping well for several months (or never slept well to begin with), and mom and dad are at their wits end knowing what to do about it. [...]

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3 Gentle Sleep Training Methods That Work

Many parents that I work with actually know what sleep issues they need to address in order for their baby or toddler to sleep better, but what they aren’t sure about is exactly how to do this. What they do know is that they don’t want to go down the Cry-It-Out or Ferber roads, but [...]

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Is Sleep Training Without Tears Possible?

“Do I have to let my baby cry in order for him/her to sleep better?!” This is the most frequent question I get asked by families who are thinking about sleep training. Having 3 kids myself, I totally get it. Who likes hearing their baby cry, or feeling like they are causing their child to [...]

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5 Unhelpful Sleep Tips Every New Mom Gets

So you’re little bundle of joy has barely arrived, and the first question everyone is asking you is: “Is she sleeping well?!” This unfortunate question puts lots of mothers under a lot of pressure, as if having given birth just a few days ago wasn’t enough. Plus, what are you supposed to answer?! If you [...]

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How to get your newborn on a schedule?

“I’m going back to work in 2 months, how can I get my newborn on a schedule and sleeping through the night by then?!” The new mom sounded frantic on the phone, desperate for some good news. The answer I gave her was a little more diplomatic that what I’m about to tell you, but [...]

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Does baby know best? When and why to introduce a sleep schedule

“Do you feed on a schedule, or on demand?” In all my years as a sleep coach and as a mom, this is one of the most common questions I’ve heard new moms being asked. Often, though not always, the question is posed to actually mean: “Are your forcing your child to fit your routine, [...]

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