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Hey, mama! I’m Rachael, the founder and chief baby whisperer behind Sweet Babydreams Sleep Coaching. As a mother of 3 lively kids, I have personally experienced the effects of sleepless nights and tiring days with no naps. Now, as a certified Infant & Child Sleep Coach, I help transform bad sleepers into bedtime-enthusiasts and nap-junkies, so that you and your little one can get the rest you need.

Adjusting your child’s sleep to daylight savings

Most of us in the Northern Hemisphere have just gone through daylight savings into summer time, which means darker mornings and lighter evenings. While most grown-ups welcome the change, as a parent you may be struggling with adjusting your child’s sleep to daylight savings time. If your child was an early riser before, going into [...]

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Help your baby sleep better with white noise

Let’s talk about how you can help your baby sleep better. The sleep environment is one of the easiest things to optimise when wanting to improve your child’s sleep, and white noise is a great way of doing this. Why use white noise? Babies aren’t used to having a completely quiet sleep environment, and sometimes [...]

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Eating for sleep: What should your child eat to sleep better?

The one important aspect of sleep that we often forget about is nutrition. And this goes beyond just whether or not your child is full. Research has shown that WHAT our children eat plays a huge role in how well they sleep. So, what should your child eat to sleep better? What should your child eat [...]

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How much should my baby sleep? Age-appropriate sleep expectations

Do you get confused and overwhelmed by all the various tips and advice thrown at you concerning your child's sleep? How much should my baby sleep? What IS normal? We mums often get trapped in a cycle of comparing ourselves to other mums, or our children with other children (especially on the topic of sleep!). [...]

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Monsters & melatonin – Do toddlers need a night light?

In movies, kids often fall asleep with a bedside lamp or night-light on. Due to the biology of sleep, though, I recommend that all babies and toddlers sleep in a pitch-black room. This encourages the production of melatonin - the hormone that makes us sleepy. However, many parents then worry about their children feeling [...]

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Catnapping – Why are short naps a problem and how to fix it?

Moms often tell me they could tell time based on how long their baby naps. Forty-five minutes and not a second more! And no matter how hard they try, they can't change their baby's catnapping habits. While short naps are normal during the newborn age, catnapping can cause big problems when the child gets older. [...]

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