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3 Gentle Sleep Training Methods That Work

Many parents that I work with actually know what sleep issues they need to address in order for their baby or toddler to sleep better, but what they aren’t sure about is exactly how to do this. What they do know is that they don’t want to go down the Cry-It-Out or Ferber roads, but [...]

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Is Sleep Training Without Tears Possible?

“Do I have to let my baby cry in order for him/her to sleep better?!” This is the most frequent question I get asked by families who are thinking about sleep training. Having 3 kids myself, I totally get it. Who likes hearing their baby cry, or feeling like they are causing their child to [...]

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Sleep Associations: When Should Your Baby Start Self-Settling?

If you've spent any amount of time googling your way to a sleeping baby, you've probably encountered the term sleep associations or sleep props, and how they are bad for sleep. But what are sleep associations in the first place, and why are they important when it comes to your baby's sleep habits? What are [...]

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4 Sleep Training Myths Debunked

The most common question I hear from parents before they book with me is “Will sleep training traumatize my child?!” It’s a fair enough question. No parent in their right mind actually wants to do something that negatively impacts their child, either now or in the future! This question in particular makes my blood boil [...]

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5 Signs Your Baby Needs Sleep Coaching

In my experience, many parents wait too long to start sleep coaching. They come to me tired, frustrated, sometimes depressed or on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and they just don’t have any energy left to improve their child’s sleep. I would love to see  families asking for help sooner and getting the support [...]

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10 Biggest Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Child’s Sleep

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone's child was a great sleeper? Unfortunately, that isn't the case. Often, parents come to me sleep deprived and frustrated because after trying everything they could think off, they're child's still waking up multiple times a night, and having trouble settling for naps.  Some parents actually already know what they [...]

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7 Secrets to Successfully Sleep Training Your Baby

So most of us moms have at some time or another done something to improve our baby’s sleep (unless we had that annoyingly easy-going child that everyone was jealous of). Maybe you've even done crazy, nonsensical things out of sleep deprivation just to try and get some shut eye. Like hanging the crib from the [...]

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Sleep Training In Action: How I weaned my 3-month-old off the dummy

I’m a sleep coach - does that mean my kids always sleep perfectly? Absolutely not! My daughter Kezia was born in December and she’s now almost 4 months old. And we’ve been having a few sleep troubles of our own.  As a newborn, Kezia had problems with an upset stomach, some reflux and colic. Having [...]

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