Newborn Package

//Newborn Package

Newborn Package


Ideal for mamas that are expecting, or with babies aged 0-12 weeks.


  • Guide to Newborn Sleep pdf

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The first 12 weeks of a newborn’s life hold a mixture of emotions for many mothers, from pure joy to utter exhaustion. Our passion is to see you, dear mama, encouraged and empowered during these these first 3 months (or 4th trimester) in order to create a strong attachment and trust with your baby, while helping encourage your baby develop healthy life-long sleep habits.

With our Guide to Newborn Sleep you will receive invaluable information on:

  • the amazing development that happens in your infant’s brain during the first 12 weeks
  • age appropriate awake times
  • how to encourage longer more restorative naps
  • effective techniques for settling your crying baby
  • how to prevent over-tiredness
  • how to cope with a baby who has colic or reflux
  • suggestions for self-care, and when to check for postpartum depression.