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Newborn Package

Ideal for newborns aged 0-12 weeks old

Set a strong foundation of healthy sleep habits right from the very beginning with our Newborn Sleep Package.

With our Guide to Newborn Sleep you will receive invaluable information on:

  • the amazing development that happens in your infant’s brain during the first 12 weeks
  • age appropriate awake times
  • how to encourage longer more restorative naps
  • effective techniques for settling your crying baby
  • how to prevent over-tiredness
  • how to cope with a baby who has colic or reflux
  • suggestions for self-care, and when to check for postpartum depression.

The personalised Sleep Tips will give you a practical individualised suggestions addressing your child’s particular sleep situation.

Premium Sleep Package

Ideal for children ages 4 months – 5 years old

Hands-on 1:1 sleep coaching, available worldwide via Skype/Telephone!

Book the Premium Sleep Package if you want to:

  • Finally get the restful sleep you and your little one(s) need, in a way that you feel comfortable with.
  • Get expert advice without having to do all the research yourself (trust us, we know how tiring that can be!!).
  • Learn clear and practical changes you can make to be guaranteed peaceful sleep for your whole family, with as few tears as possible.
  • Learn a holistic approach that takes nutrition, day routine, sleep environment, sleep associations, development, and parenting style into consideration, so that you can find a solution that fits YOUR family.
  • Lose the overwhelm and exhaustion of having to figure it out all your own, and instead work with experienced and certified infant and child sleep coaches so you can get a peaceful night’s sleep faster.
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In-Home Packages

Ideal for children ages 4 months – 5 years old

Our in-home packages are the most personal and comprehensive sleep packages we offer. These options allow us to come into your home and discuss in person your child’s sleep issue.

During the in-home consult, we will:

  • create an individualised plan that fits your child and family situation, and which affirms your parenting style.
  • talk about other relevant factors which influence sleep such as, but not limited to, nutrition, development, sleep environment and temperament.
  • answer your specific questions.

Upgrade Packages

Please note, these packages are only for returning clients

If you have purchased another package from me in the last 3 months, but your child’s sleep has deteriorated again, please book the “Checkup” package.

If you have decided to upgrade your Phone/Skype or In-Home Package with extra 1:1 Support Sessions, please book the “Extra Week Support” package or a single “30-min Sleep Chat”. 

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