Rachael did a great job of identifying our son’s sleep challenges and coaching us through to a more predictable sleep pattern. We started with a baby who would only nap ‘on the move’ and needed to be rocked to sleep every night (sometimes for two hours!). Now our son takes three naps a day in his crib. He falls asleep easily at nap time and bedtime with very little help from us. He is happy and relaxed in his crib, we often hear him playing or babbling to himself before drifting to sleep. Rachael’s recommendations were thoughtful and clear, she provided thorough explanations of and rationale for what we were doing and multiple strategies so we could choose an approach that best suited our family. We appreciated her encouragement and gentle redirection along our journey. She was readily available to answer questions and provide feedback as needed.
Kristie, mother of Graham (4 months), Alberta, Canada
Worth it! My husband was sceptical of the program, so I started it when he wasn’t home. Within days of starting, my daughter (11 months old) no longer needed her 2 am bottle and was sleeping through from 7am-7pm with little help from me. Some of the things that Rachael advised I would have never thought of, like needing more sleep during the day to help her sleep better at night. It is now 3 months later and we are happy and rested. Amelia falls asleep fast and alone, she has not gone back to a bottle during the night and she wakes up in the morning happy to see me, and I am happy to see her! Thanks Rachael!
Becky, mother of Amelia (11 months), Switzerland
Rachael provided so much valuable information regarding our little one’s sleep.  At 6 months, our daughter was still waking multiple times a night and wasn’t feeding all that well during the day.  Rachael identified a number of small and manageable things we could do to ultimately make a dramatic change in how our daughter was sleeping and feeding. She was encouraging every step of the way and always explained the “why?” behind her suggestions.  Our daughter is now well on her way to consistent sleeping and eating patterns that allow all of us to get the rest we need.
Heather, mother of Fern (6 months), Banff, Canada
We thought sleep training was going to be the hardest thing we had to do as parents and for our baby to learn. After hearing lots of negative stories about sleep training and reading lots of infant sleep books we were at a loss. Our 7 month old was sleeping in bed with us, waking up hourly, feeding throughout the night and taking all naps in the carrier. Needless to say we were exhausted and discouraged. Rachael helped us to identify the ideal time of readiness to implement change and gave us a very thorough and highly individualized sleep plan. She led us through the entire process with an empathetic and empowering approach. We were completely amazed with the results. The whole family experienced the transition with way more ease and enjoyment than imagined. Within a few days our babe was going down with ease for all naps and bedtime sleep in his crib. The structure of the plan allowed us to better support his eating and play needs as well.

We now have a more rested, playful boy and we are sleeping great too. We would recommend Rachael to any parents who are having difficulty with their child’s sleep. It’s the best investment and gift for whole family.

MacDonald Family, Alberta, Canada
Thank goodness for Rachael! We were really struggling with our wonderful daughter who was waking up 4-5 times a night at four months of age. Rachael was able to identify the issues going on and with a few gentle modifications our daughter was sleeping until 4.30am from 7pm and then going back to sleep until 7am! I strongly recommend asking Rachael for help as it was so easy to implement when we stuck to the plan. It made such a difference to parenting and that extra sleep was magic.
Amy, mother of Nia (4 months), Dunedin, New Zealand
Our little boy went through a difficult phase with sleeping due to teething at 18 months of age. He woke almost every night and sometimes cried up to 2 hours long. During this difficult period we slept in his room (either I or my husband) and as a result we were all exhausted. Not only this, but he had gotten into the habit of us sleeping in his room with him. In such a case it’s really difficult to know what to change. You don’t have the energy to change anything, or even ideas/knowledge of what to change. Rachael came just at the right time, after the teething had gotten better, and we were still stuck with the difficult sleep habits. She was able to give us very specific and valuable tips. After implementing her suggestions, it only took two nights of being consistent and the habits were dealt with. We were all so happy and thankful to be able to sleep again. I wouldn’t hesitate to call Rachael again in the future if we experience any other difficulties with sleep. We are grateful for her work and are sure she will be able to help many more families.
Annalies, mother of Yaron (18 months), Switzerland
When we first found Rachael, we were desperate to get our 6-month-old baby girl to sleep on her own. Her bad sleeping habits left me and my husband trading shifts of baby-watching and we hadn’t had a night to ourselves in over 6 months. Not to mention the sleep deprivation.
Within a week of working with Rachael, she was sleeping on her own in her own bed and we had a full night all to ourselves. It was heavenly!
Working with Rachael was the best investment we’ve ever made. A sleeping baby means a healthy and happy baby, a sane and calm mommy and an overall happy family.
Hanna, mother of baby (6 months), Germany